How to Ensure Your Tenants Do Not Damage Your Property

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The Wizard of Oz is a beloved movie because most people identify with its simple message that “there’s no place like home.” If that home happens to be governed by a rental/tenant agreement, how that particular space is cared for can be dependant on whether you’re the tenant or the property owner. Tenants aren’t always kind to their rental properties, whether through neglect, willful damage or simply not caring about the cleanliness of their immediate environment. As a property owner, you want to avoid situations where compounding neglect caused by tenants turns into major repairs later on. That may be...Read More

Creating Effective Proposal Requests for Property Management Services

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You’ve worked with a real estate expert to facilitate purchase of your income property. Now you’re a rental property owner, you realize you need an expert who can manage all the aspects that coming with being a landlord. Where do you start? The first step is finding the right property management company for your needs, which will require the issuing of a Request for Proposal or RFP for property management services. Find the Right Property Management Company with the Right RFP There are literally thousands of property management firms currently operating in Canada. To find property management Toronto services for...Read More

How Do Property Management Companies Help Landlords with Their Properties

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Being a landlord comes with an ever-growing list of responsibilities. As a property owner, you may not want to deal with the hassles that come with overseeing property and tenant issues. That’s where a good property management company comes in. Contracting the right company could help alleviate all the stress involved, especially when it comes to property maintenance Toronto services.  How do property management companies help landlords? Let’s start with the simple management and administration of your properties. Investment properties can certainly help diversify your assets and provide you with ongoing monthly income. However, administering all the financial responsibilities that...Read More

Managing Your Condominium Easily and Affordably

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Being a new condo owner is like being a supermodel. Looking in from the outside, it would appear you’ve got it made. However, no one sees the hard work that goes into both roles. For a new condo owner, that means more than just collecting rent money and living the high life; it means administering the entire operation, overseeing maintenance, contracting security, dealing with tenants, collecting condo fees, and more. Suddenly being a condo owner isn’t so glamorous, but it can get easier when you hire condominium management Toronto services.  Manage Your Condominium Easily and Affordably Hiring an experienced company...Read More

What Should Be the Expectations from a Condo Management Company

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Hiring condo management services as a corporation or as an investment property owner is a reality that has to be considered. Toronto’s condo market is a challenging environment for someone not fully up to speed on all the regulations and requirements that go along with condo management. If you reach the point where you’re ready to contract a company, here are a few expectations you should have of the company contracted to handle your condo property management. Set the Bar High on Condominium Management Services Property management isn’t just overseeing a property. It also requires an individual or organization that...Read More

Addressing Property Maintenance Issues and Their Solutions

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Maintaining property as a de facto landlord on behalf of an owner can be a challenging proposition. Credible property maintenance companies earn their money because tenants can be a challenge. Sure, there are bad landlords, but not all tenants start out bad. Some just get frustrated with the lack of maintenance often reflective of bad landlords. To avoid creating those issues, it’s important that property maintenance issues are dealt with quickly by the company hired to fulfill property maintenance services. Every property is going to need maintenance whether it’s fully occupied or not. Regular upkeep and repair is just a...Read More

Discover the Benefits of Hiring Property Management Company

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Owning rental property in Toronto can be a lucrative investment. Demand is high, but so too is the stress in managing the property. Tenants can be difficult, bylaws change, maintenance needs are ever-present. Thankfully, there are benefits to hiring a company like Ashbridges Property Management to provide you with expert property management services. Whether you’ve invested in townhomes, condos, or apartment properties, contracting a property maintenance Toronto company like Ashbridges is a smart move. The team at Ashbridges can handle all the responsibilities that go along with being a landlord, from marketing your property to securing tenants to maintaining the...Read More

How a Property Management Company Can Be Advantageous to You

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There are financial benefits to being an investment property owner. Conversely, there are personal benefits to hiring a property management company to look after that property. From less stress, more freedom, and more free time, the cost benefits are significant when you hire a company experienced in property management services Toronto. Property management Toronto companies are a huge benefit to investment property owners because they help you avoid the time commitment involved in micromanaging a property. When you hire someone to take care of property management services, it helps you avoid the responsibilities of handling things like tenant acquisition, evictions,...Read More

Covid 19- Tips for Landlords While Showing Rental Property

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The only thing that’s certain during the Covid-19 pandemic is there’s no end to the uncertainly in for foreseeable future. Province to province, city to city, the restrictions and social distancing measures are inconsistent because the impact of the virus varies. As a rental property owner, your rental property may not be your first priority during the crisis; however, you still have responsibilities as a landlord that need to be met, so it’s important to fulfill those duties safely. Here are a few tips you can follow as suggested by leading property management companies Toronto.  Safety is the paramount issue,...Read More

Should Property Management Companies Handle Rental Property Maintenance?

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Property management companies are as different as the properties for which they are responsible for managing, each providing their own set of services and each with their own niche. To be one of the truly full-service property management companies Toronto has to offer, you have to include rental property maintenance as one of your services. The question is, is it a good idea for property management companies to handle rental property maintenance? If you ask the real estate professionals at Ashbridges Property Management, the answer is an unequivocal yes! As an investment property owner, you’ve created your own portfolio of...Read More