Lease Out Services

We take the stress out of owning investment properties in Toronto

Property Lease Out Services

Connecting people and property to maximize your investment: that’s the primary goal of our property lease-out services at ASHBRIDGES PROPERTY MANAGEMENT, a boutique property management company based in Toronto’s Beaches area. Tennant acquisition is a vital service in urban areas where owning a vacant property can cost you thousands in lost income. Whether you need comprehensive on-going property lease out service or al la carte services from our broad range of property management capabilities, the team at ASHBRIDGES PROPERTY MANAGEMENT will work tirelessly to ensure your buildings achieve 100 percent occupancy and maximum profitability.

Through our strategic marketing to relevant targets, ASHBRIDGES PROPERTY MANAGEMENT will attract potential tenants who understand the metrics involved in meeting lease requirements. We operate with a combination of transparency and courteous professionalism as we take potential tenants through the reference checks, credit checks and employment status checks required to lease property owned by our clients. We conduct an extremely thorough property lease out service so people taking the application are fully aware of the process involved. Our team is also responsible for the time-consuming scheduling and fulfillment of showing units to prospective tenants, answering their questions and concerns and flagging any potential issues before occupancy is confirmed.

How our Property Lease Out works?

Once we’ve taken the tenant through the steps and secured their signed lease, we can also administer the collection of first, last and ongoing rent payments. When leases come to an end, we will provide lease up property services to ensure the unit is back on the market and ready for new tenants.

Moving qualified tenants through the funnel and into a leasing contract takes an experienced property management company. Learn more. Connect with Ashbridges Property Management and let us show you why we are one of the top boutique property management companies operating in Toronto.