Should Property Management Companies Handle Rental Property Maintenance?

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Property management companies are as different as the properties for which they are responsible for managing, each providing their own set of services and each with their own niche. To be one of the truly full-service property management companies Toronto has to offer, you have to include rental property maintenance as one of your services. The question is, is it a good idea for property management companies to handle rental property maintenance? If you ask the real estate professionals at Ashbridges Property Management, the answer is an unequivocal yes! As an investment property owner, you’ve created your own portfolio of...Read More

Why hiring a Rental Property Management service is beneficial for you?

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Rental property management is a service that provides property owners with many benefits, from improved tenant relations to safer maintenance schedules. When you’re a property owner in charge of multi-unit investments, you don’t want to be concerning yourself with every leaky toilet or broken doorknob on your property; however, you do want to be assured that these tiny problems are taken care of before they turn into huge problems. Huge problems turn into disgruntled tenants who don’t want to pay for rent and a possible exodus of tenants from your property, which decreases your revenue. Property management services are not something...Read More

Property management companies- Helping you find the perfect tenants

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Property management Toronto is a service best delivered by qualified property management companies. Leaving the management of your income property to an individual or company without a proven track record of effective management is just bad business. The best property management companies Toronto has to choose from provide a full menu of service, from maintenance to rent collection. One of the most important services of all, however, is helping you find the perfect tenants for the type of property you’re renting. Ashbridges Property Management is in the business of making sure that happens. The relationship between tenant and property owner...Read More