Importance of Signing on Licensed Property Manager

You get what you pay for. It’s a tried and true adage that is a mantra for anyone who has ever been burned by choosing a cheap option. That’s especially true when contracting professionals to do work on your property. You wouldn’t trust your property to unlicensed plumbers, carpenters, or electricians. And you shouldn’t trust your property to unlicensed property management services.

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The Reason You Hire Professional Property Management in Toronto

The job of managing rental properties, whether they be condominium complexes or apartment buildings, is a big one. Hiring professional property management services in Toronto is simply a smart move on behalf of any investment property owner. Managing a condominium corporation is not something someone can do off the side of their desk. Property owners, condominium board members, and landlords understand that the responsibilities involved in taking care of property and paying tenants is a full-time job. From budgeting, contracting professional maintenance services, marketing the property, and overseeing tenant acquisition to day to day maintenance and problem resolution, property management services require the expertise of licensed property managers. People in the job have to have a unique hybrid of skills, from accounting and administration abilities to interpersonal skills required in working with tenants, collecting rent, and serving as a communication liaison between all the parties connected to the property. Simply put, hiring an unlicensed person or company is folly.

The Case for Hiring Ashbridges Property Management

There are many reputable and reliable companies offering property management services in Toronto. Ashbridges Property Management in the Beaches area of Toronto is one with a solid reputation for excellence. Our team has experience in all types of residential, commercial, and condominium rental properties. We can oversee all the responsibilities related to your property assets. Our menu of services includes tenant communication, marketing and leasing, repairs and maintenance, and overall administration of your individual or collective properties. We can also handle valuation when you’re looking to buy more property. Toronto is a complex market, with huge consumer demand and a highly competitive landscape. Working with an unlicensed property management company puts you at risk of not only encountering legal issues but also of losing money by not maximizing your revenue generation. Finding, screening, and serving a tenant base properly vetted prior to moving in is one of the most important aspects of our service. Our comprehensive screening process allows us to effective assess a prospective tenant’s rental history, credit history, and employment history.

At Ashbridges Property Management, we have the experience you need in handling a variety of condo owner and tenant interactions. We have vast experience working collaboratively with condo boards, helping to guide them, and avoiding conflict. We can handle the finances involved in collection condo and rental fees. We will also provide full reports and keep you well-informed of all the activity at your properties. We’re a professional, licensed team. When you need property management in Toronto, call us today.