What are the duties of a property management company?

When you are searching using the keyword “property management Toronto” you are no doubt going to find a variety of property management companies offering a variety of different services. The question is, “what are the duties of a property management company,” and why is Ashbridges Property Management the name you should be looking to contract for your needs?

Simply put, the property management companies Toronto investment property owners require need to fulfill a huge gamut of professional duties. Residential property management and condo management in the country’s largest urban market requires painstaking attention to detail and a vast understanding of all the legalities involved in renting property. While there are a number of important duties that need to be executed by professional property management companies, one of the most important is tenant acquisition. In a low-vacancy/high-demand market like the Greater Toronto Area, finding qualified tenants and providing lease out services is a vital responsibility. No one wants to simply fill their building with tenants; property owners want trouble-free tenants who pay their bills, who follow condo rules, who respect the building and their fellow tenants and whose presence actually makes it easier for a property management Toronto company to attract new tenants when vacancies occur.

In terms of the ongoing duties of a property management company, tenant acquisition also includes lease out services, lease preparation and rent collection. These are three critical areas where a competent property management company becomes a vital ally to the property owner. Understanding all the key components of things like the Residential Tenancies Act when arranging leases is the only way to help landlords and protect tenants; this is one duty that requires constant vigilance from property management companies Toronto.

When you’re an investor, one of the duties you could be looking for a property management company to provide is asset and property valuation service. Before you invest you will definitely want to know that your investment is solid and that you will have a great opportunity to maximize its value. Obviously, a well-respected property management company will also be required to provide top notch property repair and maintenance to sure tenants are living in a safe, happy environment.

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