What Should Be the Expectations from a Condo Management Company

Hiring condo management services as a corporation or as an investment property owner is a reality that has to be considered. Toronto’s condo market is a challenging environment for someone not fully up to speed on all the regulations and requirements that go along with condo management. If you reach the point where you’re ready to contract a company, here are a few expectations you should have of the company contracted to handle your condo property management.

condo property management

Set the Bar High on Condominium Management Services

Property management isn’t just overseeing a property. It also requires an individual or organization that knows how to deal with people; that means strong interpersonal skills, conflict management skills, and simple communication skills. In truth, the job also requires someone with the ability to handle finances and administrative duties. Finding the right condominium management Toronto service requires the right fit and an ability to handle all of those responsibilities. Condo property management responsibilities also change depending on the age of a condo. A recently built condo complex should have very few issues related to repair and maintenance; as a building ages and tenants come and go, issues can arise that present new challenges to the property management service handling your condo. These include finding reliable contractors, dealing with repair schedules, internal communications with tenants over disruptions to access or services, and other issues that can arise during maintenance work on condo properties.

Where a company offering experienced condominium management services is truly helpful and necessary is in keeping up with all the compliance requirements and regulations that govern the condo market. Whether it’s dealing with municipal or provincial bylaws, judicial issues related to landlord/tenant litigation, or even the often over-bearing and restrictive building rules and policies, the job requires someone with full understanding of the law, regularly updated to ensure proper compliance. This also requires individuals with strong communication skills and crisis management abilities; dealing with tenants in these situations can be frictional and confrontational, so it’s important that someone has strong control over their temperament and emotions. It’s a lot of left-brain/right-brain thinking necessary to take a balanced approached to property management.

There are other accountabilities you should expect when contracting condominium management services Toronto. A credible property manager should be available round the clock, be fully representative of you and your objectives when it comes to management style, be fully compliant, and be affordable. Credible property management shouldn’t be excessively expensive, as it is a competitive industry.

Consider Ashbridges Property Management

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