Addressing Property Maintenance Issues and Their Solutions

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Maintaining property as a de facto landlord on behalf of an owner can be a challenging proposition. Credible property maintenance companies earn their money because tenants can be a challenge. Sure, there are bad landlords, but not all tenants start out bad. Some just get frustrated with the lack of maintenance often reflective of bad landlords. To avoid creating those issues, it’s important that property maintenance issues are dealt with quickly by the company hired to fulfill property maintenance services. Every property is going to need maintenance whether it’s fully occupied or not. Regular upkeep and repair is just a...Read More

Discover the Benefits of Hiring Property Management Company

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Owning rental property in Toronto can be a lucrative investment. Demand is high, but so too is the stress in managing the property. Tenants can be difficult, bylaws change, maintenance needs are ever-present. Thankfully, there are benefits to hiring a company like Ashbridges Property Management to provide you with expert property management services. Whether you’ve invested in townhomes, condos, or apartment properties, contracting a property maintenance Toronto company like Ashbridges is a smart move. The team at Ashbridges can handle all the responsibilities that go along with being a landlord, from marketing your property to securing tenants to maintaining the...Read More

How a Property Management Company Can Be Advantageous to You

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There are financial benefits to being an investment property owner. Conversely, there are personal benefits to hiring a property management company to look after that property. From less stress, more freedom, and more free time, the cost benefits are significant when you hire a company experienced in property management services Toronto. Property management Toronto companies are a huge benefit to investment property owners because they help you avoid the time commitment involved in micromanaging a property. When you hire someone to take care of property management services, it helps you avoid the responsibilities of handling things like tenant acquisition, evictions,...Read More

Covid 19- Tips for Landlords While Showing Rental Property

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The only thing that’s certain during the Covid-19 pandemic is there’s no end to the uncertainly in for foreseeable future. Province to province, city to city, the restrictions and social distancing measures are inconsistent because the impact of the virus varies. As a rental property owner, your rental property may not be your first priority during the crisis; however, you still have responsibilities as a landlord that need to be met, so it’s important to fulfill those duties safely. Here are a few tips you can follow as suggested by leading property management companies Toronto.  Safety is the paramount issue,...Read More

Should Property Management Companies Handle Rental Property Maintenance?

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Property management companies are as different as the properties for which they are responsible for managing, each providing their own set of services and each with their own niche. To be one of the truly full-service property management companies Toronto has to offer, you have to include rental property maintenance as one of your services. The question is, is it a good idea for property management companies to handle rental property maintenance? If you ask the real estate professionals at Ashbridges Property Management, the answer is an unequivocal yes! As an investment property owner, you’ve created your own portfolio of...Read More

Why hiring a Rental Property Management service is beneficial for you?

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Rental property management is a service that provides property owners with many benefits, from improved tenant relations to safer maintenance schedules. When you’re a property owner in charge of multi-unit investments, you don’t want to be concerning yourself with every leaky toilet or broken doorknob on your property; however, you do want to be assured that these tiny problems are taken care of before they turn into huge problems. Huge problems turn into disgruntled tenants who don’t want to pay for rent and a possible exodus of tenants from your property, which decreases your revenue. Property management services are not something...Read More

Property management companies- Helping you find the perfect tenants

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Property management Toronto is a service best delivered by qualified property management companies. Leaving the management of your income property to an individual or company without a proven track record of effective management is just bad business. The best property management companies Toronto has to choose from provide a full menu of service, from maintenance to rent collection. One of the most important services of all, however, is helping you find the perfect tenants for the type of property you’re renting. Ashbridges Property Management is in the business of making sure that happens. The relationship between tenant and property owner...Read More

The importance of having your own property insurance

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Property management companies are in the business of ensuring that property owners and the tenants that inhabit those properties are well managed. For property management companies Toronto, contracting Ashbridges Property Management is one way to ensure hassle-free handling of all the responsibilities related to your property. However, as a tenant you still have to take some personal responsibility for your belongings in the form of property insurance. Whether you’re living in a luxury condo, a high-rise apartment or high occupancy rental property, you do need to take out your own insurance. For example, condo owners need to secure insurance to...Read More

Condo contracts – read before you sign

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There are pros and cons to moving into a condo complex. Companies that provide property management services are the first to tell you that condo living is not for everyone. A property management company working on behalf of a property owner or condo board is responsible for many different services related to the property. However, as a potential tenant, you are responsible for knowing exactly what you are getting into when considering condo living. That begins with reading your contract. You’ve heard the rule of “caveat emptor” – buyer beware. That’s particularly true when dealing with condominium living. The condominium...Read More

Routine property inspection a key to property management

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Rental property ownership requires owners to maintain their properties to ensure happy tenants and maximum occupancy. However, for exceptional property management Toronto owners often need to rely on professional property management companies to make that happen. That’s where Ashbridges Property Management comes in. As one of the top property management companies Toronto rental property owners rely on, Ashbridges Property Management provides a full list of services, not the least of which is routine property inspection. The reasons for this are obvious: in a high occupancy rental property, apartment or condo complex, there are going to be times when maintenance is...Read More